Performance Art Athletics offers 1-hour workshops for your event or staff needs to serve artistic athletes to improve performance while simultaneously reducing risk of injury. Informative workshops for dancers & musicians with catered material to address the needs, concerns, and interests of artistic athletes; to achieve the highest levels of success in the activity they love most without losing a day to injury.


Appropriate biomechanics and self cares are key for injury prevention and management for musicians.

Instrument Ergonomics

Appropriate biomechanics and ergonomics are key for injury prevention and management for any profession, especially for the Musician. Optimal ergonomics can be achieved with postural training, cross training, appropriate instrument selection, and/or adaptive equipment meet an artist’s individual needs.

Instrument Adaptations

For the instrumentalist there are many options & tools available for improved positioning for ease of play. Optimal ergonomics can be achieved with appropriate instrument selection, prefabricated items, and/or custom creations to meet an artist’s individual needs.  

Dynamic Musician's Body

Learn the science & kinesiology of dynamic stability for play, with performing arts medicine training tips to prevent injury and enhance performance. 


Highly recommended for dancers, contortionists, aerialists, pole artists, and instructors/teachers.

Dynamic Dance Body

Learn to prepare your body with dance science training tips for a dynamic warm-up & dynamic stretching to prevent injury and to enhance performance.

Core and More

Learn to activate your true core with dance science methods. Learn training hacks for improved functional strength, split flexibility, & extension mobility to meet your unique training demands as a dancer or acrobatic artist.

Contortion Control

Safe contortion requires the ability to control the spine & joints dynamically through movement. Learn the difference between flexibility and instability; and find out how to protect the mobile body while getting longer & stronger.

Massage Ball Release

Apply the latest research in fascia and mobility with massage ball release techniques. Empower yourself with education & self-care techniques to stay healthy and active for a lifetime.

Healthy Hands

Match pole diameter to your hands size for optimal grip isometric strength. Find the arm positions on your apparatus where our grip is the strongest. Train shoulder exercises that optimize grip strength, along with hand exercises for intrinsic & extrinsic strength & power grip. Feel your fascia with a cool down routine for your hard-working hands.

Perfect Point

Make beautiful lines.