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Piano Magazine

Wellness: Why Can't We All Just Relax.
Looking at the biomechanics of musicians through the eyes of a physical therapist with Dr. Misty.

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TEDx Talks

Why Every Town Needs a Stage. 
Join Jehan Izhar and others as they talk about the LOVE for Smaller Towns and PASSION for Bigger Thinking.

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Vogue Magazine

Pole Position: How the It-Fitness Trend Stripped Away Skeptics. 
Check out insight from Dr. Misty in Vogue.

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Voyage LA

Meet Jehan Izhar of The Stage in Pomona.
Check out an interview with Jehan Izhar in VoyageLA. 

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Fox Business

Jennifer Lopez's pole dancing for 'Hustlers' sparks fitness craze 

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The Unplugged Creative:

Ep. 16 : Movement Therapist + Circus Theater Producer, Jehan Izhar

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The Orange County Register

No gym? No problem.
Read the interview with Jehan Izhar

Voyage Minnesota

Rising Stars:
Meet Misty Austin