studio coordination letter

Thank you for considering Vertical Art Athletics as your Vertical Dance Science Teacher Training Resource. We hope to bring the accredited the VERTICAL FOUNDATION course to your studio, with the opportunity for further learning with the VERTICAL BARRE, VERTICAL MOBILITY, and VERTICAL YOGA Curriculum. Vertical Art Athletics is marketing to Studios & Groups rather than individual participants for several reasons: 

  • Studio & Group rates make the course cost effective for Vertical Art Athletics & affordable for you & your staff. 

  • If entire studios show that they have high standards for all their instructors to be educated & qualified it makes a statement to the pole & aerial community on the importance of safety & training. 

  • There is dense anatomical information and numerous exercises in the curriculum that taking the class as a group allows a team to review & digest the material together. 


Studio Exclusive: 

  • Flat Rate Course Fee for your entire staff (up to 16 participants, max of 2 people per pole pending space allowance): 

    • 2018 Course Fee: $1200USD ($1500AUD/$1600CAD/£950GBP)

  • Manual: $25£ per participant

  • Instructor Travel Expense to/from your Studio (mileage/airfare/transportation): cost can be minimized if you provide local transportation (contact us for details). 

  • Accommodation (2 nights): cost can be minimized if you provide accommodation as a host (contact for details). 

  • Deposit: $600USD ($750AUD/$800CAD/£475GBP) to reserve your course dates. (Via PayPal Invoice)


  • Collaborate with another local studio to share the cost of the studio exclusive.

  • Promote: Promote the course at your studio to subtract from your studio exclusive cost.

  • Cost $250USD ($375AUD/CAD/£225GBP) per Individual

  • Group Rates:

    • 2 instructors from a studio: $200USD ($300AUD/CAD/£175GBP) each

    • 3 instructors from a studio: $150USD ($225AUD/CAD/£125GBP) each

    • 4 instructors from a studio: $100USD ($150AUD/CAD/75GBP) each

Example: 8 of your own instructors plan to take the course. 1 individual signs up for the course ($250USD).  A group of 2 from a different studio sign up for the course ($200USD x 2 = $400USD).  Studio Course Fee: $1200USD – ($400USD - $250USD) = $550USD your new reduced Course Fee.

Catered Education: The practical component of the curriculum can be catered to pole, aerial apparatus, or both; per your preference to meet the needs of your staff and equipment availability. 

Dates & Times: Each course in the Vertical Art Athletics Curriculum is compiled of 2 days (16 hours) of training, ACE accredited for 16 CEUs, and recognized by the Pole Safe Federation. The course can be run on weekdays or weekends; based on your studio space availability. Class is typically 8am-5pm; time changes can be coordinated in advance per studio scheduling needs, and lectures can be completed out of the pole space to accommodate any of your studios regularly scheduled pole classes. 

Booking a Course: Please talk to your staff about availability to attend a 2-day course, and provide us with preferred dates that work best for you and your team. 

Venue & Equipment: Considerations for hosting a course.

  • Lecture Space:

    • Small table for laptop & projector with accessible power outlet

    • Area for video projections: blank wall space or hanging a sheet

    • Seating options for participants: chairs, couches, mats, blocks...

  • Practical Space: The practical component of the curriculum can be competed in a pole studio, aerial studio, or combination of both.

  • Practical Pole Space: 

    • Number of Poles: 2 participants per pole (max of 16 participants)

    • 1 yoga block per participant

    • 1 mat per participant

    • 2 pole towels per participant

  • Practical Aerial Space: 

    • At least 2 pre-rigged fabrics

    • 2 hard points accessible to rig adjustable trapezes provided by presenter (your presenter can also rig these to a pole)

    • 1 yoga block per participant

    • 1 mat per participant

    • 2 pole towels per participant

(if enough equipment is not available we can request that participants provide their own block/mat/towels)

Food: We request that the studio provide water, coffee, & energizing snacks for the course participants. A healthy fuel supply is essential, as we will be working our brains and bodies for 2 days.