The Vertical Foundation is a total body conditioning philosophy combining Pilates, Aerial, & Pole. The Vertical Foundation repertoire emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core stability, mobility, and awareness to develop efficient, graceful movement with the 50+ functional exercises. Once understanding of how to control the spine & joints dynamically through movement are achieved with supporting stability; pole & aerial instructors will be better prepared to move onto any of the secondary courses in the curriculum.



Vertical Barre is a total body conditioning philosophy combining Corrective Dance Exercises, Ballet Barre, Pilates Ped-o-Pull, Aerial, & Pole. The Vertical Barre repertoire will be branching out from the Vertical Foundation core to focus on the periphery; specifically: shoulders, hips, & ankles with 60+ functional barre exercises on the vertical apparatus. Preparing pole & aerial athletes to safely achieve flexibility, strength, & artistry.


vertical MOBILITY

Vertical Mobility not only focuses on stretching, it looks at the components in human anatomy and functional biomechanics that contribute to flexibility and more importantly Movement! The science of flexibility training is growing with 12 different types of stretching & mobility techniques. Learn when and how each type of mobility training can be implemented in your pole & aerial training.


vertical SCULPT


Coming in 2020! Vertical Sculpt will build your body around a stable Vertical Foundation to take things to the next level. Build lean muscles with the best global strength training exercises. Understand the science of cardio zone training to get through a 5-minute routine. Learn plyometric pre-requisites to get ready for plyometric training not only to provide explosive power for aesthetically beautiful jumps & leaps but for safe and controlled acceleration & deceleration.