Pole Art Athletics is your ultimate pole training resource for preventing injury and enhancing pole performance. The course series is designed to help you optimize training and to provide tools to empower you as a teacher. 

In 2016, Dr. Misty Rose Austin started Pole Art Athletics as the first pole teacher training program focused on dance science.  With her knowledge as a performing arts physical therapist, she created the pole art athletics curriculum to provide pole dancers & teachers with the knowledge they need to progress quickly & safely.

Her love for performing arts and understanding of human movement gives her a unique perspective as fitness professional.  Pole fitness instructors are responsible for the physical safety of their participants.  Her innovative teacher training program trains instructors to customize their classes, to allow for all participants to safely learn & enjoy the pole experience.  The series of courses provide opportunities for instructors to focus on a specialty area or to continue exploring variety of pole training methods.  Her goal is to create high quality pole fitness instructors through her series of courses, to inspire pole instructors to be the best they can, without their participants losing a day of practice to injury.


Why Attend Pole Art Athletics Workshops:


Committed to supporting your personal and professional growth

Diversifies your teaching capabilities: variety and cross-training for participants of all fitness levels

Decrease Liability with Responsible pole instructors, focused on the safety & well-being of students

To increase accessibility to high quality pole classes to enhances revenue flow at your facility


What you will learn:

Lecture, Practical, Interactive (Experience, Observe, & Practice)

Cuing & Feedback

The Art and Science of Movement.

  •  Functional Anatomy
  • Understanding of simple Biomechanics and the tools to optimize performance.
  • Postural Techniques & Corrections
  • Modifications & Progressions

Pole-ates: The Foundation

Pole-ates is the foundation pre-requisite course in the Pole Art Athletics Series.

It is a total body conditioning philosophy combining Pilates & Pole.  The Pole-ates repertoire emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core stability, mobility, and awareness to develop efficient, graceful movement.  Once understanding of how to control the spine & joints dynamically through movement are achieved with supporting stability pole athletes will be better prepared to achieve flexibility, strength, & artistry.


If you are a studio owner Pole Art Athletics would like to offer you options to educate yourself and your entire staff of instructors to decrease your liability and increase your credibility.

·       Studio Exclusive:  Dr. Misty of Pole Art Athletics will come to your pole studio to train all of your instructors exclusively.  This 2 day ACE accredited and Pole Safe Federation recognized course is highly recommended not only for your pole instructors but for your entire fitness teaching team to learn safe healthy movements and proper teaching skills.  At a flat rate of $1200USD ($1500AUD) + instructor travel expenses for up to 16 of your own instructors, this is a cost effective option that shows you have high standards for your studio andyour entire team.

·        Collaborate: Collaborate with another local studio to share the cost of the studio exclusive.  Max of 16 participants (preferably only 2 people per pole), this is to ensure the quality of the course with individualized attention.

·        Pole Art Athletics is making the studio exclusive so affordable to assist in the movement toward pole safety and standards.  Dr. Misty wants studios as a whole to say “It is our standard of excellence for ALL of our instructors to have qualifications,” contact Pole Art Athletics at info@PerformanceArtAthletics.com  if you would like to be part of the movement.